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Chandler Thunderbird #15
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Faith - Hope - Charity

2015 Award

Masonic Knowledge Bootcamp

Please join us for an exciting couple of exciting days as we as Masons, their families and their communities seek further light in Masonry with two esteeemed Masonic Brother, Art de Hoyos and Dr. Brent Morris.
There are two events, one specific to Masons and the other Open to the Public
  • Friday evening, the 6th of November 2015 starting at 7pm, the Scottsdale Lodge #43 will feature a Master Mason only table.
  • Saturday, the 7th of November 2015 between 10am - 2pm, the Oriental Lodge #20 will feature a Q&A session Open to the Public.
Additional information on these two amazing events can be found  here
Chandler FreeMasonry
FreeMasonry is a fraternity of like minded men that put aside their political, societal and religious indifferences to meet on an equal plane; or what Masons call "the Level"; in order to better themselves, their community and their brothern. 
Are there requirements to be a Mason
Yes.  You must be a man of an adult age, have a sound reputation,  is well-recommended by your peers and you must believe in a Supreme Being regardless of religious orientation.
How do you become a Mason
You must either know a Mason and ask that person about Masonry or you will need to come to a Masonic Lodge and spend some time getting to know the Masons at that Lodge.  Personal identity, character and background are important to Masons and their fraternal brothern. 
Masonic Charity
All Masons, DeMolay and Eastern Star members are welcome to use this site tio sign up for one of the Charity events that the Chandler Free & Accepted Mason's are working on within the next year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 
  1. Blue Lodge Meetings
    The Blue Lodge meetings begin every Tuesday night at 7:00 with fellowship starting at 5:00 at the Lodge. The dress is business casual.
  2. Stated Meetings
    Stated Meeting are held the Second Tuesday of each month except during July and August when the lodge is dark. Stated Meetings are preceded by a dinner at 6:00; and the Stated Meeting starts promptly at 7:00.
  3. Degree Nights
    Degrees- Degree nights begin at 6:00 pm with an hour of fellowship. Degrees are conferred starting at 7:00 pm unless otherwise stated.
  4. York Rite Meetings
    The York Rite meets every 4th Wednesday of the month except during July and August since the Council has voted to be dark during these summer months. Meetings are convened at 7:30 and are preceded by a potluck dinner beginning at 6:30.